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Employers and employees both take comfort in the legislatively provided protective framework in the area of employment law. The broad range of services provided by Millennium Law Chambers are specifically geared toward employment and labor law issues for both parties involved in the employment process. Decisions made in the area of employment and labor law have significant financial and general ramifications for both individuals and enterprises. It is essential to get legal guidance before making crucial decisions on these complex matters. The Employment Law specialists at Millennium Law Chambers are prepared to offer you the knowledge and direction you require. 

What is Employment Law?

Employment Law constitutes a legal branch that intricately manages the dynamic between employers and their workforce, particularly in non-unionized settings. The framework of Employment Law is primarily guided by provincial and federal employment standards legislation, supplemented by common law principles and contractual agreements, shaping the landscape of employment relationships and employee entitlements. Fundamentally, employees are guaranteed a foundational level of rights and protections as mandated by employment statutes. It's worth noting that employment-related rulings stemming from common law principles are established through precedent-setting court decisions. Interestingly, employees often enjoy more comprehensive rights and safeguards under the umbrella of common law compared to the specific provisions outlined in employment-related legislation. This disparity is most prominently observed in discussions surrounding severance pay.

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Tabassum HayatTabassum Hayat
11:39 09 Mar 22
Mr. Menon is great to work with. I highly recommend him for his incredible professionalism and reliability.
Michael NutkevichMichael Nutkevich
20:50 06 Mar 22
Mr P M Menon Parakkal is an excellent lawyer whom you can trust. He will win what you deserve. He never gives up, and he will fight for you until he gets the result. I am very grateful and thankful to G-d that sent him to help me, grateful to him and his excellent team for his result for my case. I strongly urge you to approach him if you have a legal issue.
Emily ElizabethEmily Elizabeth
02:01 17 Feb 22
Honestly it was my first time needing a lawyer and Menon was super helpful and very kind. If anyone needs help, he’s definitely the person to go to. I really appreciate everything that was done and am very grateful to have had such a positive experience with a lawyer.-Em Veinotte
Muntadhar JailMuntadhar Jail
23:08 02 Feb 22
I’m grateful and happy to have a great and informative Lawyer by my side. Having Confident Lawyer by your side is very importantMr. P M Menon Parakkal was patient and direct.He got me me the results I was looking for!!I highly recommend you speak with Mr. P M Menon Parakkal for any of legal troubles!!His Helpful, kind, and gets you the results you deserve!
Abdul QayyumAbdul Qayyum
23:36 27 Feb 21
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